Advertising – Fuelling Endura’s Growth

August 8, 2015


With having a few keen sportsmen at FK3, the task of helping Endura to increase sales was met with plenty of competitive spirit. We tackled the project with a new take on a Endura’s advertising, creating a cost effective, scalable campaign boasting a rugged visual style that broke through the market norm and noise.

Impactful photography and minimal copy created an immediate differentiation to established sportswear brands, and we placed focus on visualising the product’s quality and technical advantages in gritty, real-life environments. The campaign was leveraged across all product lines and later replicated and scaled-up in-house resource.

Examples of Endura campaign ads created by FK3

Endura had a 40% sales uplift across all product lines following the campaign, and it provided a cohesive brand identity and unique platform for demonstrating the advantages of its market-leading products.

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