Brand – Expanding the vision for Delancy

August 2, 2015


In our book, Branding is (still) the most critical and difficult task a company can undertake, since it underpins every public-facing part of a business, and sets what the world knows, thinks and feels about it for years to come. Delancey, a highly successful real estate firm, wanted to evaluate its corporate identity and assess whether it still reflected the character of the company as it expanded its offerings.

Having led international clients through brand development projects many times, we knew the challenges, and immediately set out with stakeholder interviews to get a good picture of Delancey, as told by its leadership team. Using FK3’s research-based brand development process, we developed a brand strategy and created a new logo and corporate identity scheme to better align with Delancey’s future goals and expanding investor audiences. We then built a new website for Delancey, which we managed from strategy and design through to SEO, coding, language versioning and launch.

Delancey Delancey website

Within 12 months, Delancey successfully closed out a new investment fund, and used its new identity to launch a new fund which is already fully invested. Check out our full case study here.

Does your brand need some cohesion, or a fresh look to keep it growing? Give us a shout, and we’ll work through the process with you, making it as painless as possible.