Infographic- Data Hungry Brits

November 3, 2015


With as much downloading and transferring as UK consumers do with their USB flash drives, it made sense to see how much time a person could save by using a SanDisk high-speed USB flash drive.

14 hours!

We found this by conducting research around consumers’ buying and usage habits to find out the type, size and frequency of data they transferred onto their USB Drives. FK3 managed the task in conjunction with Redshift Research, who ran their Crowdology™ online panel to 2,000 UK adults.

Once the data had been collected and collated, we worked with SanDisk to extrapolate how much time the average user could save each year using one of SanDisk’s high speed USB drives, based on average usage habits. It was an amazing 14 hours! Just think about watching the progress bar on your PC move files for 14 hours...

This made for a definite consumer value-add, but was a product story best told through visual style as opposed to tech speak. Our design team at FK3 came up with an infographic to demonstrate the real-life impact of the findings, turning the tech advantage into a tangible consumer benefit. The shareability of infographics is key to telling a great product story and making the most of the social sphere.

Data hungry brits infographic

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