Marketing Strategy – Strengthening the Giant

November 18, 2015


We have a few cyclists in the FK3 team, so when Giant needed to strengthen their brand’s perception as a producer of performance bikes, we couldn’t wait to get their Marketing Strategy moving!

Giant was already the world’s leading manufacturer of quality cycles, so set out with a strategy to elevate their perception as a high-performance/premium brand.

We developed a new sub-brand, Giant RT (Racing Technology). Giant RT helped segment Giant’s performance bikes from its broad range of mainstream models. The programme sought to engage more emotionally than ever before with performance cyclists, and evangelise Giant’s superior technical innovations in materials and frame design.

Giant RT

By delivering a fully integrated programme, within 12 months Giant became the #2 performance cycle brand in France, Europe’s most competitive market, and the RT brand was adopted globally by Giant. Success!

Check out our full case study here, and give us a shout if you have a brand or range of products that could use a differentiator boost and a dose of smart marketing.