SanDisk solutions for pro video

August 18, 2015


With an impressive combination of industry-leading performance memory cards and capacities, getting into the broadcast and cinema video markets made perfect sense for SanDisk.

At FK3, we worked with SanDisk’s global marketing teams to investigate the market opportunity, competitive landscape and buyer behaviour. Given that SanDisk was already a trusted brand among pro photographers and videographers, we leveraged the SanDisk Extreme Team to get the word out to the pro video channels. In tandem, FK3 worked with SanDisk to launch the CFast 2.0 memory card, the world’s fastest CompactFlash card, and the highest capacity SD card.

SanDisk is now the clear, preferred brand in the UK broadcast, film and pro video markets – with 66% preference.

FK3 is currently managing the EMEA pro video campaign 2015. You can follow us on Twitter for up-to-date happenings with the Extreme Team & Pro Video programmes, or see a full case study here.