Big Bold Yeti

Branding & Digital


The Challenge

Big Bold Yeti is a marketing & sales consultancy that takes a unique approach to product training, strategic selling and management coaching. At its formation they turned to FK3 to create a logo, brand identity and website, which needed to be delivered in just 2 weeks.

The Ideas

Big Bold Yeti takes a different approach to training and coaching, centred around creating emotional connections and enabling deep understanding: to create lasting impressions in a friendly way. With a need to bring these core thoughts alive - and to differentiate Big Bold Yeti from its competitors - FK3 created an identity that was unique and fun, while also professional and credible.

The logo and core brand assets - including a number of illustrations of 'small' the yeti - were created within just one week. We then worked closely with Big Bold Yeti to develop a brand message map to capture the story and selling messages. These messages were then leveraged in a new website started & completed within a further week. Because Big Bold Yeti’s competition tended to have cumbersome, text-heavy websites, we opted for a visual style that presented information in an interesting and concise way.

To round off the brand identity and website exercise, we also developed stationery, collateral and presentation templates.

The Results

Big Bold Yeti was launched in the 2 week timing target, helping them attend their first trade exhibition and secure over 12 sales meetings and 3 referrals within the first month.


  • Branding
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