COVID-19 Response


The Challenge

An important part of LogMeIn’s marketing strategy has been to have a strong presence at industry events around Europe. With COVID-19 cancelling all physical events around Europe, LogMeIn tasked FK3 with finding different approaches to reaching potential customers, marketing their brands, and developing leads.

The Ideas

It being a brand new way of working, FK3 have had to take it in their stride and develop new ideas and find new opportunities. With event organisers putting on digital event alternatives, FK3 researched new fully digital events and presented them to the client, creating a new event schedule filled with virtual events. The fun and engagement of physical events is clearly missing in virtual events, so by using bespoke made arcade games and the client’s webinar software, FK3 were able to create campaigns with similar levels of engagement but for people working from home. Using FK3's knowledge and expertise in digital advertising and media buying, these games and webinars can reach and be enjoyed by many potential new leads and customers.

The Results

Various projects and virtual events were delivered with great success. Having in-house designers already digitally rendering exhibitions stands, we were able to produce some of the best looking and most engaging virtual booths of any exhibitors. Other projects in this period included a new website build that runs the arcade game with an ongoing competition to win prizes, which gave the client 314 new leads whilst building excitement internally. Video production and post-production also meant that the clients’ keynote speeches, presentations and webinars were much higher quality than many competitors'.


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