Amazon A+ page design and implementation


The Challenge

Lowepro was expanding its market focus beyond the imaging sector and into lifestyle accessory bags & luggage. Designed with consumer devices in mind and boasting unique functionality targeted to specific consumer use cases (commuter, outdoor enthusiast, and world traveller), the products needed to be represented in a bold & stylish tone that broke away from that of the traditional camera bag.

The Ideas

As the new Lowepro products would initially launch with Amazon, FK3 put the focus on a fresh design for the product A+ pages, supported by our best practice process for Amazon conversion.

After diving into Lowepro’s product launch assets, we used existing imagery and messaging to accelerate the process, and redesigned existing A+ page layouts for greater impact. Large imagery was used to illustrate the product use-case and create emotional connections with consumers. Meanwhile technical features were brought forward and treated in split-visuals to highlight product USPs and make the bags more tactile.

Direct and informative messaging meant the consumer could get the facts up front and see the unique benefits versus competitive products, while the language and tone set Lowepro as a viable premium brand in these new categories.

The Results

Lowepro’s StreetLine, HighLine and RidgeLine A+ pages have just gone live, prior to any impact results being available. New page designs were created for the three series in two days, and creation of the total 15 translated pages, including English, French, German, Spanish and Italian, in under a week.


  • Etail
  • Amazon
  • ChannelMarketing

What LowePro Said

"Having worked with many a marketing company in the past I am always concerned if they actually ‘get it’, with FK3 I had no concerns. From the outset to completion the process was extremely well managed. Creative options, translations and web copy were delivered with gusto! An extremely high standard of work was executed and we look forward to working together with FK3 on future projects."