Amazon toolkits


The Challenge

Amazon hosts a number of category buyers’ guides, aimed at educating potential buyers when they compare products and, as a by-product, improves Amazon’s own search performance as the pages contain keyword-rich category-specific content. As market-leaders in storage products, with the broadest product range, SanDisk was asked by Amazon to provide the content for buyers’ guides covering Mobile Storage Solutions, SSDs, 4K video capture, and USB Flash Drives. SanDisk, in turn, turned to FK3 to develop the content.

The Ideas

Thanks to an in-depth knowledge of these categories we were able to quickly identify the areas that consumers should focus on when choosing products, as well as what existing content there was at our disposal. The brief was to generate content for each buyers’ guide in a brand-independent way, so a technical/editorial approach was taken that served as a high-level introduction to the category, coupled with enough depth to assist shoppers in purchasing the right products.

The Results

The ‘Toolkits’ we developed were rolled out with additional supporting video content. The content was created in such a way that it could be easily used and adapted for other etailers’ requests for content, and other purposes such as in-store buyers’ guides, magalogs, and social media tips and tricks pieces.


  • Digital
  • Etail
  • Channel Marketing