Pro Video


The Challenge

SanDisk needed to design an ongoing marketing programme to communicate with both channel partners and end users in the pro video space. In addition to engaging the market, SanDisk was looking to increase sales and maintain their leadership position in EMEA.

The Ideas

To fulfil the demand for content throughout the channel supply chain, FK3 created a series of emails and sales education tools that could be taken through distribution channels and customised by retailers. The tools would educate the channel at no additional cost to the distis and resellers, encourage upsell, and help end users navigate the technical differences between products & host devices to determine which were best for their needs.

Price promotions were launched in tandem to incentivise the channel, and best-in-class testimonials were used to highlight SanDisk’s cutting-edge product line-up and leadership position. The programme also served to strengthen customer partnerships over competitors.

The Results

UK sales doubled in the first reporting month after the programme launch, and sales targets were met throughout EMEA.


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