Pro Video


The Challenge

SanDisk looked to serve the broadcast, cinema, and pro video market segments with a dedicated proposition and channel offering. As these segments had moved from tape to digital flash memory recording formats, there was opportunity to establish new sales channels and further market penetration.

The Ideas

FK3 worked with SanDisk globally to build the foundation for this new market by developing a pro video programme with three phases.

Phase I- FK3 conducted research to investigate market sizing, routes to market, competitive landscape, and buyer behaviour. We then created a Go-To-Market strategy, complete with channel activities, launch events, education programmes, and sales tools.

Phase II- The marketing platform was created making use of the SanDisk Extreme Team, extending the team to include pro videographers with outstanding work in key regions. Best-in-broadcast testimonials demonstrated the professional’s trust in SanDisk products in the most extreme environments, and a SanDisk brand story brochure was created to tie the platform together with the product portfolio.

Phase III- FK3 led global execution of the marketing programme in the Pro Video space, including tradeshows (BVE, IBC, NAB), advertising, sales tools, videos, toolkits, and website pages.

The team also supported the launches of the new CFast 2.0 memory card format, the world’s fastest CompactFlash card and world’s highest capacity SD Card within a year. In addition, FK3 leveraged the marketing platform to broker partnerships between SanDisk and relevant hardware companies for cross promotions and marketing partnerships.

The Results

After the first year of the marketing programme, SanDisk was the clear, preferred brand in the UK broadcast, film and pro video markets - with 66% preference. In addition, they had an established, dedicated sales channel in all of the major broadcast/pro video markets, globally. FK3 is currently managing the EMEA 2015 pro video campaign.


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